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Simpled Estate is redefining the real estate landscape in Morocco, making it straightforward and secure for everyone. With years of marketing expertise and a deep understanding of the local market, we bridge the gap between tradition and innovation. Our mission is to provide clarity and confidence in property transactions, whether you’re buying your dream home or selling prime real estate. Our comprehensive approach ensures every listing and agent meets high standards of excellence and trust.

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Unlock the door to prime Moroccan properties. Our local expertise leads you to the best residential and commercial spaces available.

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Empower your property choices with comprehensive market insights with the knowledge to identify properties that align with your objectives.

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Navigate the legalities with ease. We ensure your real estate transactions are secure, compliant, and clear from start to finish.

Agent Accreditation

Elevate your practice with our agent accreditation. Stand out in the Moroccan real estate market with our seal of trust and excellence.

Listing Authentication

Trust in our authenticated listings. We vet each property for your peace of mind, ensuring a transparent and honest buying experience.

Turnkey Concierge

Indulge in our full-scale concierge services. From property management to holiday preparations, we handle the details so you can enjoy your investment.


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Join the vibrant Simpled Estate communities in Morocco's most dynamic cities. Engage with local experts, explore curated listings, and stay ahead with real-time market updates. Be part of the conversation where property prospects are always within reach.

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Hamza Benali

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