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Aquarelle Residences Bloc B in Marina Bay (Tangier)

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Luxury Living at Marina Bay: A Coveted Gem in Tangier

Experience unparalleled luxury in Marina Bay, Tangier's most prestigious neighborhood. Each bespoke apartment combines breathtaking views with world-class amenities.

Investment Opportunity in a High-Demand Locale

Secure a prime investment in a high-demand market. Marina Bay offers outstanding potential for both rental yield and capital appreciation.

Exclusive Amenities and Elite Lifestyle

Indulge in top-tier amenities and a refined lifestyle with private pools and designer interiors. Marina Bay is a haven for those who seek the best in urban living.

Luxury in Marina Bay

Aquarelle Residences

Elevate your lifestyle at Aquarelle Residences, Tangier’s epitome of luxury and exclusivity.

Starting at:
Highest Price:
No Appt Surf Cour Total Prix M2
B-G(0) 74 M2 17 M2 1,559,900 MAD 19,000
B-M(0) 51 M2 1,147,500 MAD 22,500
B-D(0) 89 M2 18 M2 1,793,600 MAD 19,000
B-G(1) 105 M2 2,047,500 MAD 19,500
B-M(1) 58 M2 1,363,000 MAD 23,500
B-D(1) 101 M2 1,969,500 MAD 19,500
B-G(2) 105 M2 2,100,000 MAD 20,000
B-M(2) 58 M2 1,392,000 MAD 24,000
B-D(2) 101 M2 2,020,000 MAD 20,000
B-G(3) 105 M2 2,152,500 MAD 20,500
B-M(3) 58 M2 1,421,000 MAD 24,500
B-D(3) 101 M2 2,070,500 MAD 20,500
B-G(4) 105 M2 2,205,000 MAD 21,000
B-D(4) 160 M2 3,360,000 MAD 21,000
B-G(5) 105 M2 2,257,500 MAD 21,500
B-M(5) 58 M2 1,479,000 MAD 25,500
B-D(5) 101 M2 2,171,500 MAD 21,500
B-G(6) 105 M2 2,310,000 MAD 22,000
B-M(6) 58 M2 1,508,000 MAD 26,000
B-D(6) 101 M2 2,222,000 MAD 22,000
B-G(7) 105 M2 2,362,500 MAD 22,500
B-M(7) 58 M2 1,537,000 MAD 26,500
B-D(7) 101 M2 2,272,500 MAD 22,500
B-G(8) 58 M2 6,174,000 MAD 31,500
B-M(8) 58 M2 1,653,000 MAD 28,500
B-D(9) 237 M2 7,465,500 MAD 31,500
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Frequently Asked Questions about Aquarelle B

Aquarelle B comprises 26 apartments, with 24 currently available for purchase.

The top floor houses 2 duplex apartments, each with stunning views, private swimming pools, and dedicated parking spots in Bloc A.
Yes, there are 2 full floors of parking providing a total of 19 spots for the 24 standard apartments. The duplex units have parking facilities in Bloc A.
Yes, Aquarelle B is equipped with an elevator servicing all floors.
The project is designed and promoted by the renowned architect Karim Aqasbi.
Prices per square meter range from 19,000 MAD to 31,500 MAD, depending on the apartment.
Apartment sizes range from 51 square meters for the smallest unit to 237 square meters for the largest duplex.
Unlike Aquarelle A where all apartments have private pools, in Aquarelle B, only the duplexes on the top floor feature private swimming pools.
The building consists of 9 floors.
All apartments are painted with Astral Zenith paint and feature high-quality Bosch appliances in the kitchens, including a real coffee machine.
The project is scheduled for delivery in December 2025, concurrently with Aquarelle A.
An advance payment of 35% is required to secure an apartment.
Aquarelle B is conveniently located within walking distance to Marina Bay, the beach, Ibn Batouta Mall, and the Old Town. The TGV station is just a 5-minute drive away, and access to the marina customs leading to Tarifa is also nearby.
Karim Aqasbi is a prominent architect with numerous major projects across the kingdom. Known for his high-quality work and passion, he is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the industry, particularly with his visionary projects in Tanger’s prestigious Marina Bay area.
Salima Youssoufi

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